Climate Controlled Storage

Keeping Your Belongings Safe & Secure in Charlotte

Over the years, it can be easy to accumulate a number of belongings that you may not necessarily need in daily life but do not want to get rid of completely. Professional storage is an ideal solution to keep in safe keeping for weeks, months, or even years when you simply do not have the space at home. Storage space can come at a high premium, but with Matthews Moving in Charlotte, you can find the immaculate facilities and secure storage place for any number of belongings without high fees that can break your budget.

Reasons to Use Professional Storage

There are many different reasons you might want to use climate controlled storage services on a temporary or permanent basis. Generally, any time you have items you cannot find room for at home, you might look to our secure storage facilities to cut down on clutter or simply for safe keeping. Here’s a quick look at just a few of the more common reasons why people will contact us for storage services in Charlotte:

  • You are moving – When you plan a move, it can be helpful to get seasonal and non-essential items out of the way by packing them up early and putting them in storage. That way, you can organize your new home with ease and then determine the best place for non-everyday items that have been set aside.
  • You want to downsize your home – Once the kids move out or you no longer want to maintain a larger home, you might move into a smaller space where storage is limited. In this case, you may select a longer term storage contract to keep your belongings safe yet out of the way. Even if you are staying put at home, you might use storage to clear out attic or basement space so that you can expand the functional living space of your house.

Our Secure Storage Facilities in Charlotte​

Matthews Moving can provide as much or as little storage as you need with our 65,000 square foot storage facility that has been certified by the United States Military with the highest rating of quality. Not only will we secure it from theft but also from being weathered. Climate controlled facilities are the best places to store your items to preserve their condition. Each of our clients will have a personal storage container that will be filed within our warehouse, so you will not have to worry about heavy lifting or maintaining a whole storage unit yourself. You can even utilize our professional packing and wrapping services to be sure that all of your items will be just as you left them. With pest and climate control, fire suppression, and around-the-clock security, you will not have to worry about the state of your items in storage. For a storage estimate with Matthews Moving, give us a call today at 1 980-375-6494

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